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Dynamics and Safety in Perfection

The all new 2WD-System Mobec Duodrive Haldex has been developed especially for motorcycle combinations.
Our top priority during the long development period has been a combination of safe driving conditions with a superior road-holding, both on- and off-road. Please note that our systems are fully compatible to ABS.
Contrary to the well known Mobec Duodrive sytem with its viscous coupling, the electronically operated 2WD-system is a complete new development.

The new electronic controlled 2wd-system


Core unit is the electronically controlled Haldex clutch of latest production. Ultra quick reaction times, in accordance with driving conditions, leads to an optimum of power flow from back wheel to sidecar wheel. The Pre-selected riding programme includes limited slip ratios between 0% to 100% and provides traction under all conditions. It operates independently from the motorbike electronics.

Advantages of the new Mobec Duodrive Haldex 2WD-system
Give you a plus of riding dynamics and safety both on- and off-road
Fully compatible to ABS even with CAN-BUS-Electronic systems
Four Riding Programmes can be selected by the driver
Automatically activated from start
Superior road holding
Off-Road suitable
Maintenance free (only oil change every 60,000 Km)
Optional extra electronic reverse system

Description Riding Programmes

Drive Selector Position 1
Every day use normal road and easy green roads, both wet and dry
Drive Selector Position 2 Gras/Gravel/Snow slippery surfaces on- and off-road
Drive Selector Position 3 Mud/deep snow severe off-road and winter conditions
Drive Selector Position 4 100% lock controlled by driving speed. Above 30 m/h no locking, automatically re- activated if speed falls below 30 km/h

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