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ASL 1000 Easy-Drive


Mobec offers two highly innovative systems with the long established Easydrive and the new ASL1000.

EasyDrive is a double wish bone construction which is linked to a lenghtened sidecar chassis. Two parallel torque rods transfer steering action from handlebar to wheel.


In 2012 both systems were re-engineered and do come with twin discs now. Advantage is that trail now is continously adjustable, wheel camber and track can also be adjusted. Road wheel variations from 4.0 x 15“ to 8.0 x 19“ (Sorry, 4.0 x 15“ is not possible with EasyDrive) Wheel base can be made to suit large steering angles left and right

Technical spec ASL 1000:
ABS compatible,
two motorbike brake discs,
two Brembo brake callipers,
White-Power Gas-shock / riding height, rebound and spring rate adjustable,
maintenance free car links/car type wheelbearing units

The New ASL 1000 System consists of two conventional trailing arms. Steering force from handlebar is directed by a rod directly on to the wheel. The system can also be retrofited to existing customers combinations.

ASL 1000

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