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Leading Link Forks

Leading Link Forks
Our Leading Links are individually made to very small tolerances at a precise welding jig to suit the individual bike. We are using CAD construction software. Precision engineering resulting in exactly the trail that is wanted states our complex construction work.

forks for BMW Telelever-Models are constructed to extend the original wheel base up to 60 mm depending on model. We offer three variants:

1.) Conventional Leading Links with two symetrical fitted shock absorbers.
2.) Mono-Leading Links utilising a single shock absorber on one side

3.) Mono Leading Links with one centrally fitted and behind the front wheel positioned shock absorber
We get the following advantage against different methods: The intigrated linkage allows a later height correction in proportion to the spring rate. Trail is not affected. The location of the spring behind the front wheel reduces the moved mass. Spring action becomes more effective and allows comfortable spring travel.

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