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Mobec History

From the very
beginnings in 1990 our dedication has been to build the best ever possible sidecar combination. To this day we have delivered to our satisfied customers hundreds of individually constructed outfits.

Let's go back in time a little to see
when it all started.

In 1990 the company was founded by enthusiasts Elisabeth and Manfred Beck in the town of Reichenbach/Fils. Manfred was keen to modify his own war-time BMW R75 two-wheel-driven combination to a more recent technical spec. That ignited his interest in off-road sidecars and two-wheel-drives. Shortly after, in 1991, a move to nearby Uhingen

was undertaken to get into larger premises. Even this unit proved to be too small, necessitating another move, this time just down the road into an ex-clothing factory. This industrial area now has evolved in a big transport yard and we currently are amidst international lorry-freight forwarders.

In 2020, the factory moved to Holzmaden

The future has begun:
Jörg Henßeler has been running the sidecar manufacture since January 1st, 2021

Next step March 2022:
Mobec-HeMos moved into a new hall with a large workshop

Our aim was and is to this day - to satisfy you, our customer! A great many of our first time buyers came back for their second or third vehicle, trusting us with more and more advanced technology motors. Today we supply leading edge-technology

road- and off-road combinations as far as Russia, Norway or even Japan. Be assured your requirements are in the most knowledgable hands of Jörg Henßeler and his team.
We're here to prove it.