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Hello and welcome to the Mobec world of sidecars.

Whatever look you take on our combinations, you can be asured to get the highest possible result in engineering, design and workmanship. Please browse through our pages, there is certainly something for your personal requirements.
Thank you for watching.

Jörg Henßeler and Mobec-Team

Please note:

As a long established manufacturer of sidecar combinations we are proud to present to you a small overview about our products and services. Please be invited to browse through our pages. In the motorcycle sidecar field of complex manufacturing and bespoke engineering, we regrett to give prices over the phone. Please do not hesitate to email us. Details of your project should be clarified first to enable us for a quote.

We are sorry, due to the highly complex construction of modern motorcycles, sidecar building can only take place in our own workshops in Germany. We therefore do not offer complete DIY-kits for self-fitting, but we happily will sell certain component units and spare parts over mail order service.